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East Coast Bakehouse

East Cast Bakehouse

East Coast Bakehouse was founded with the objective of commencing biscuit manufacturing In Ireland following the closure of Irish operations of other well known brands. The company decided on locating in Drogheda utilising the shell of an existing factory which required complete fit-out of mechanical and electrical services.

Callaghan Engineering initially undertook a Front End Study to develop the scope of works, budget and schedule to deliver the services needed to get the manufacturing process up and running. Interaction with the main equipment suppliers was a key activity during this phase in order to develop general arrangements for the process equipment layout and the required services distribution.

Biscuit Production at East Coast Bakehouse
Biscuit Production at East Coast Bakehouse

Following the FES, Callaghan Engineering developed the detailed design for the electrical distribution system, lighting and security systems for the facility. Since East Coast Bakehouse is a start-up company, conservation of capital until the facility begins to produce product and generate profit was a key design objective.

Callaghan Engineering delivered a design that was not only functional and cost effective but also modular and flexible in order to achieve the clients objectives for capital expenditure in the commencement phase.