CHP Project

combined heat and power unit

Cork Institute of Technology were donated a used Cummins 315 kWe CHP from a research partner in the USA for use on the Cork campus. To best utilise this unit, it would need to replace an existing compact CHP unit in the main boiler house. Callaghan Engineering managed the relocation of the existing unit to a smaller boiler house in the ‘Tourism & Hospitality’ section of the Campus.

CHP Generator Set

As the donated unit was essentially a bare gas genset, a fully integrated design was carried out in conjunction with Cummins Power UK to replace the missing parts and  integrate the donated unit into the space available in the main boiler house. The design included the sizing and specification of the heat exchangers & blast cooler, as well as detailing engine control requirements, interface to existing site BMS and energy monitoring systems, as well as electrical integration into the site LV network.

Callaghan Engineering managed vendor and subcontractor scheduling and coordination meetings for the CHP Project, and acted as client watchdog during the construction phases.