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New CHP Plant for Bausch & Lomb

Bausch & Lomb Waterford, being a 24/7 manufacturing facility, chose to install a CHP (Combined Heat & Power) system to reduce energy cost. The facility has steady and substantial electrical and thermal loads (both as steam and LPHW), so they were ideal candidates to benefit from a CHP installation.

The chosen vendor was Edina Power Ltd, and combined with Winthrop Engineering, the facility was installed and commissioned over the past 12 months. The CHP itself is an MWM TCG 2032 V12 gas engine, generating 3.3 MW of electrical power as well as plant steam and hot water. The CHP and steam boiler as well as switchgear and controls were installed within a bespoke building on site. The engine room is soundproofed and has viewing panels that allow visitors to see the engine without entering the room itself.

The engine can be monitored on the site BMS system and is configured so that the maximum energy is harnessed and used effectively in the plant.

Callaghan Engineering were engaged by Bausch and Lomb at an early stage to review and optimise the solutions proposed by Edina, as well as to advise on the best site / system integration options. Our input was incorporated into the final design. The plant is on-line since May 2016 and is providing substantial energy savings for the Waterford plant.

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