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Callaghan Engineering were tasked to review the existing electrical MV and LV infrastructure at the AIB Headquarters in Dublin. AIB wanted to build in additional resilience and add back-up capability to their existing system in order to prevent potentially lengthy power outages in the event of transformer and/or switchgear failure.

As part of the review, Callaghan Engineering were required to develop and cost several options that would improve the power resilience capability within the bank centre itself. Our engineers subsequently delivered a front end study which outlined the various solutions available and identified a preferred option for the client.

Callaghan Engineering are working with European partners to develop a novel high temperature and high pressure process to treat sewage and manure sludge.

Moss Scarlet

Callaghan Engineering are working with European partners to develop a novel high temperature and high pressure process to treat sewage and manure sludge.

This process has the considerable advantage both of reducing the sludge content and producing a rich gas which can be used as an alternative fuel feedstock.

This is an excellent and innovative example of sustainability engineering. Process engineering is continuing using a pilot plant in the Netherlands.

Callaghan Engineering were the mechanical & electrical engineering consultants on the project.

Roscrea Leisure Centre

Roscrea Leisure Centre is a civic leisure facility consisting of a 25 metre swimming pool, children’s pool, changing village, gym, sauna and steam room.

Callaghan Engineering were the mechanical & electrical engineering consultants on the project. The client wanted to have sustainable energy systems included in the official brief due to the large energy usage projected for the swimming pool complex.

Following detailed discussions with the design team an energy cabin was selected as the best option as the primary fuel for the project with oil as a back-up. The energy cabin system consisted of a wood pellet packaged boiler installation to heat the pool and ancillary areas, with solar panels for the domestic hot water supply. A back-up oil fired boiler was located in the internal boiler house adjacent to the pool filtration plantroom. Separate pool filtration systems were also designed for the main pool and learner pool. A large flume slide was added to the project and this was integrated into the designed pool filtration system.

Riello UPS

Pfizer UPS System

Pfizer needed to replace their existing site UPS system with a more robust system giving better redundancy and back-up supply to the plant critical loads. As the plant is a cGMP API site, process control & DCS systems need reliable uninterrupted power 24/7. A new N+1 UPS system was designed to replace the existing single UPS, which would fit within the confines of the existing building.

Riello UPS

In addition, the design needed to provide for a ‘doomsday’ scenario so that emergency power can be switched directly to the plant critical load in the event of catastrophic failure of the N+1 UPS system.  The resulting design is a resilient configuration featuring an automatic transfer switch on the UPS inputs (with diesel generator back-up), a coupling cabinet with wrap-around bypass capability on the UPSs themselves and a manual changeover switch on the UPS output with a raw mains supply (with generator back-up).

combined heat and power unit

CHP Project

Cork Institute of Technology were donated a used Cummins 315 kWe CHP from a research partner in the USA for use on the Cork campus. To best utilise this unit, it would need to replace an existing compact CHP unit in the main boiler house. Callaghan Engineering managed the relocation of the existing unit to a smaller boiler house in the ‘Tourism & Hospitality’ section of the Campus.

CHP Generator Set

As the donated unit was essentially a bare gas genset, a fully integrated design was carried out in conjunction with Cummins Power UK to replace the missing parts and  integrate the donated unit into the space available in the main boiler house. The design included the sizing and specification of the heat exchangers & blast cooler, as well as detailing engine control requirements, interface to existing site BMS and energy monitoring systems, as well as electrical integration into the site LV network.

Callaghan Engineering managed vendor and subcontractor scheduling and coordination meetings for the CHP Project, and acted as client watchdog during the construction phases.

110kV Substation

110kV Substations

On behalf of a confidential client, Callaghan Engineering have designed, installed and commissioned a 110 kV contestable substation for a large data centre site. CE’s responsibilities included:

  • Design of the 110 kV A.I.S. substation to cater for an existing data centre and with provision for future data centre expansion.
  • Application submission to Eirgrid for tie-in to existing 110 kV overhead network in adjacent site.
  • Full design including short circuit study and protective device coordination report.
  • Design and specification of interconnecting underground 110kV cable and routing.
  • Earth fault analysis and subsequent earthing design to cater for step & touch voltage protection.