caterpillar generator

Emergency Power Generation

Callaghan Engineering have designed and specified the back-up power systems for large data centre installations for a confidential client. The generators were both ‘open-type’ sets (housed in a bespoke sound-attenuated building) and containerised stand-alone sets located externally. The generators were configured so that they could be routinely tested with a load bank to ensure that the machine would start and accept block loads in the event of mains (utility) failure.

In addition, Callaghan Engineering personnel have previously designed and commissioned synchronising and G10 paralleling protection systems to allow generators to run in mains parallel mode. Owners of large diesel generating sets and CHP plant can receive significant payments from the national grid when they allow their machines to be called upon by the grid to produce power to aid grid stability.


Confidential Datacentres Client

In 2009 Callaghan Engineering were approached to work with an international data centre provider who were about to embark on a significant investment programme in data centres. Over the course of the following years Callaghan Engineering have provided full mechanical and electrical engineering design on data centres valued in excess of €500m.

The initial data centres were accommodated inside of existing warehouse and industrial buildings whereas in more recent years the client has developed newly built facilities custom designed for their purpose. On a number of these data centres, Callaghan Engineering provided full project management and construction management services.

In all, CE have worked on 8 separate data centres , 7 in Ireland and 1 in Germany. When complete the data centres will accommodate 59 data halls each with critical power ranging from 2.4 to 3 MW. To date CE have been involved in the design, construction and handover of 32 data halls.


CE provided design on the following systems

  • MV and LV power distribution
  • 110kV substations
  • Main, sub and panel distribution boards
  • UPS
  • Generator backup
  • Lighting, small power, fire alarm, security and access systems controls
  • Mechanical ventilation of data halls, electrical and battery rooms
  • Humidifier water storage and distribution
  • Diesel storage and distribution
  • Fire Protection
  • Offices M&E design