Zachary Priest

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Zachary Priest

BEng | Electrical Engineer

Upon completion of my undergraduate degree in Electrical Power Engineering at Curtin University in Western Australia I expatriated to London in order to gain experience in a multinational, multidisciplinary engineering firm. I was successful in my application at RED Engineering Design and am incredibly satisfied in my role. I have had the opportunity to consult a variety of clients on data centre projects all over the world. My technical knowledge of electrical infrastructure in buildings and services has expanded exponentially since my commencement thanks to support from RED and my colleagues. The combination of design and consultant work in multifaceted teams on a diverse range of projects has been invaluable in my growth as an engineer.

I look forward to continuing my learning and professional development with RED engineering and I am ambitious in this venture. My goal has always been to perform to a high standard so I can be proud of my work and represent my employer in the best possible light.

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