Alex Nock

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Alex Nock 

MSc, BEng (Hons) | Technical Director 

Whilst completing my masters in Management Science & Finance following on from my under graduate degree in Electromechanical Engineering at the University of Southampton, I approached RED with the opportunity to obtain three months worth of research into a topic of their choice in return for hosting me for my Master’s placement. RED agreed to sponsor me to undertake an evaluation into the opportunities for Combined Heat & Power. My project was well received both academically and by RED and upon its completion I was offered a full time position as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer.

Upon starting my employment with RED I was encouraged to become a CIBSE member with the aim of becoming chartered within 4-5 years. I have been supported by RED in my further development through regular CPD and training courses as well as being given the opportunities to gain good on site and client facing experience for a variety of projects and sectors. As part of my role I have undergone further training in specific design software packages such as 6Sigma for detailed CFD analysis of data centres and plant areas, and IES for dynamic simulation of buildings and Part L analysis.

Having the detailed design office in the Philippines is a real asset and the potential to achieve a 24hour working day between the UK and Manila is a really interesting concept. As part of my training I was given the opportunity to visit the design office in the Philippines to provide them with some training on some of latest software that we have been using in the UK, and to build a proactive working relationship with my colleagues over there, for the future.

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