Alena Dolzhenko

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Alena Dolzhenko

MEng MSc  | Sustainability Engineer 

I became interested in sustainability engineering in my final years of study as an architect back in Siberia. My favourite professor showed me the best examples, many of which were in the UK.

With virtually no sustainability engineering in Russia I got to think of becoming an engineer in the part of the world where lots of successful companies are located.

Being a successful student, I was quickly accepted for a course and spent a year learning how sustainability engineering works in the UK.

When I was eventually looking for a place to start my career, I did another search and RED, with its expertise was literally on top of my list. I was welcomed very well during my interview and immediately felt I am part of something big. Few minutes into the interview we were discussing as I already was on a project. Pretty soon, I had started my job and I was enormously happy to join the team. When I come to work on various projects every day, it makes me feel I belong here and fulfil my dream.

I push my supervisor to give me more challenging tasks, to increase my responsibility and I hope pretty soon to lead my own part of the team and one day take charge of an entire new airport or a stadium.





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