Laboratory Completion at Amgen

Callaghan Engineering (CE) were initially appointed by Amgen to carry out a Front End Study which included preliminary design, capital cost estimation and project schedule. Based on this study, the laboratory funding was approved and detailed design commenced. CE acted as Project/Design Managers on the project and appointed RKD as architects, Clifton Scannell Emerson and Associates as Civil / Structural Engineers and Duke McCaffrey as Quantity Surveyors.

The intention of the client was to create a pilot laboratory space for viral research, with two main objectives which the design team had to take into consideration: transparency and flexibility. The floor area of the laboratory is 290m², which includes 13m² of gowning area at the entrance.

The first objective was to create a fully transparent laboratory, visible to both employees and visitors from adjacent corridors. The laboratory forms a glass box located in the middle of the first floor plate, which allows all passers-by to view into the room.

The design of laboratory benches and services distribution also took into consideration the visual transparency concept: all laboratory benches are free of services and service spines which typically run over worktops.

Electrical services are contained within service zones located at the back of benches and underneath worktops, and are accessible through access pop-out panels built into Trespa® worktops.

All gasses are contained within service columns suspended over worktops. This design solution created a feeling of an ‘open’ space in the laboratory.

The objective of flexibility has been met by treating each and every bench as an individual module that can be removed from bench isles at any time.

The electrical services are distributed via floor-standing service walls hidden from view in the benches service zone in the middle of each isle.

These service walls offer modular functionality and each can be easily removed. Service columns are the only fixed element in the laboratory.

The distribution of these columns throughout the area allows for the connection of equipment at almost any location in the laboratory.

The laboratory has been very well received by the Amgen team at the Dublin facility and also by the Amgen Corporate Group who will now use this laboratory as their global standard for similar laboratories going forward.



BioMarin Pharmaceutical is a US headquartered biotechnology company with an Irish operation located at Shanbally, Co. Cork. Production of biologics is planned to commence at the Shanbally plant in 2017. The company already has a cGMP manufacturing plant in California and acquired a Shanbally facility in 2011. Biomarin is a world leader in developing and commercialising innovative biopharmaceuticals for rare diseases driven by genetic causes.

Callaghan Engineering is providing process engineering services to revamp their pressure and gravity drainage systems in order to facilitate future production processes. Initial works involved a front end study to develop a scope of work. This was followed by detailed engineering design with the project scheduled for completion in June 2016.

Callaghan Engineering has completed two significant projects for Amgen.

Amgen – Multiple Projects

Amgen is the world’s largest independent biotechnology firm with a presence in 75 countries and a large facility in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.

Callaghan Engineering has completed two significant projects for Amgen. The first project was a sterility laboratory refurbishment involving the installation of two isolators to provide high containment with associated process, mechanical and electrical works.

The second project involved a €25 million cGMP refurbishment of an existing process building in order to manufacture a new product. Both projects were successfully completed on schedule and within budget.

Callaghan Engineering are currently discussing a number of miscellaneous projects with Amgen.

Janssen Pharmaceutical

Janssen Pharmaceutical

Janssen Pharmaceutical, part of Johnson & Johnson, is a pharmaceutical company with bases in Little Island (API) and Barnahely (Biologics), Co. Cork.

Their products are sold throughout the world to other Janssen and third party companies, where they are further processed into tablets, creams, or injectable dosage forms. These finished products are used in the treatment of a range of psychiatric, gastro intestinal and fungal disorders.

Callaghan Engineering have worked with Janssen on many process and infrastructure related projects over the past 15 years. These projects have ranged from small to medium facility upgrades to a large dryer installation containing specialist charging and discharging facilities. All projects have been completed within a live manufacturing plant.

Bristol-Myres Squibb

Bristol Myers Squibb

Established in Ireland since 1964, Bristol Myers Squibb is a bulk pharmaceuticals manufacturer with two plants operating in Ireland.

The company’s bulk products are shipped to BMS finishing plants around the world where they are used as ingredients in the production of tablets and capsules.

Having successfully completed a number of previous assignments for BMS, Callaghan Engineering provided the front end study, detailed design and construction management for the refurbishment of a cGMP dryer suite within the limitations of existing structures.

The site works were completed in a critical production shut down window and undertaken on a twenty four seven basis.